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Hand Dyed Wool


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    • Do I need to prewash my hand dyed wool from Wild Hare Fiber

    Do I need to prewash my hand dyed wool from Wild Hare Fiber top

    Our wool goes through a rigorous process when it is dyed.  It is boiled in the dye bath, it is shocked in cold running rinse water and then dryed in the dryer.  We rinse our wool until the water runs clear.  We have not experienced any color bleeding in our wool.  With this being said, we do not guarantee the color won't run should it be exposed to the right conditions.  If you are worried about color fastness, hand wash the wool, squeeze the excess water from it (do not wring it) and then lay flat to dry or dry on a cool setting.  Your wool is already felted so hat water isn't necessary.

    The sizing has been taken out of the wool through the dyeing process buy be aware that wool will continue to shrink if exposed to the right conditions.  We recommend that you hand wash or dryclean your projects.  Do not wash in a machine with an agitator and use only cool water.  Lay your piece flat to dry and use a little steam in your iron if necessary to remove any wrinkles.